Writers Reflection #2- Research Overall


The research part of Inquiry Two was difficult to begin. Starting with a blank page when researching is difficult to start. As I went through the research project, I was able to find similarities in the articles I was reading. The majority of them connected Chopin’s personal life to her writing. This was a great theme to research. I was able to look at the different aspects of her personal life, and her values and beliefs. It made me realize that as a writer, many of Chopin’s personal aspects came into play throughout her writing, which is why she was always so passionate about it. This set me up perfectly for my synthesis paper because I had an overall theme to connect all the sources to.

The synthesis paper challenged me to look at the different sources instead of the facts about Kate Chopin overall. Comparing different sources became difficult with the vast amount of information I had. I began with an outline to organize my thoughts, and then found support for each topic by looking back at my annotated bibliographies. This first step in my synthesis paper really helped organize all my sources in way that I could then incorporate them into my paper. This made writing my essay easier, the only thing I needed to do after the outline was connect all my thoughts so it had a flow to the paper.

Overall, I really enjoyed this semester. I liked having less reading and spending more time being able to learn how to close read and look at stories from different angles. This class will definitely help me in future reading when looking at different aspects of the story, and why writers have written stories the way they are. More readings just takes up more time, and gives less time for analysis, which is what we should be doing at a college level.


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