Writers Reflection #1- Blog Visual

Color picture

Color picture (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Visuals in one’s blog are what makes a blog so successful. A boring, black and white blog will steer the audience away, and cause a lack on interest. With colors, it opens up the blog, and creates an interest in the audience to read further.


Using bright colors is one way to attract the audience. My background on my blog has a fun pattern to catch the reader’s eye before they even read any of my posts. This is a way to catch a readers attention if they are just quickly passing by the blog. If there was no appealing color scheme, the reader would be less tempted to stop on my blog and take a look at the different posts.


Font is another important aspect to take into consideration when creating a blog. If the font has a childish look, or difficult to read, the audience may be too distracted to take into consideration the information actually being posted. It is key to have a professional and serious tone to the font in order to create credibility for your audience.


Pictures are one of the most important aspects to a blog. When scrolling through other blogs on WordPress, the ones I was immediately drawn to had pictures that gave immediate insight on the different blogs I could read. This helped keep me interested in the blogs, and also help me find the information I wanted to. Without pictures, a blog would merely be a word document full of numerous posts. The visual attraction to an audience is key when writing a blog. I specifically used pictures of Kate Chopin and other relating topics to draw my readers in. The different pictures also helped with a breather from the long posts to help them enjoy part of the blog, and take a break from all the information.


Overall, visuals are the backbone to a successful blog. Keeping your audience interested, and active in your blog is the most important way to have a great interactive blog.



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