Research Blog 4- Advice to Future Students


The university level research is very different from what was practiced in high school. The research in high school was very basic, and barely scratched the surface of the depth of college-level research.

One thing I learned from university-level research was how to stray away from using Google and basic web searches. Basic web searches could be unreliable or give false information. They also have the capability to be bias, therefore blurring your research process. Using databases gave much more reliable and in depth information that could contribute to the overall research of Kate Chopin.

Another valuable thing I learned throughout this process is how to have a more advanced and in-depth research. When using databases, there is so much information available when just typing in a single word. Millions of articles and journals can show up, so it is necessary to condense the amount of information you need to look through. By using the advanced searches on the databases, I was able to find better articles for my specific subject or general theme for my research. This helped zone in on exactly what I needed to, helping me in the future when I am writing my synthesis paper.

The last concept I learned while researching at a college level was how to find different and new information after extensive research. This was a difficult task after researching for a few weeks. The last few sources needed to have different information than the previous articles. By further advancing my searches, I was able to find even more ways to research my theme. It was helpful to know how to use the databases in order to find further information.

There are some things I would advise future students to do, in terms of the research project. The first piece of advice would be to stay ahead on your project. Getting behind causes a lot of work to build up, and it becomes confusing when you have to do multiple annotated bibliographies at once. It was helpful for me to stay ahead because it was less stressful in the long run.

I would also advise that students learn how to use the databases fully. They need to know how to make more advanced searches in order to research to the best of their ability. It makes researching much easier when you can pin point the exact articles you need in relation to your topic.

Lastly, I would advise the student to not be afraid to look at reviews of other works by the author when they are researching. Comparing the different works of author’s, really gives insight as to the writer as a whole. Most likely, you will be able to connect the other writings back to your synthesis theme as a whole, helping your research.



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