Annotated Bibliography 8

English: First ed title pg

English: First ed title pg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adams, Richard P. “Southern Literature In The 1890’S.” Mississippi Quarterly 21.4 (1968): 277-281. America: History & Life. Web. 22 Apr. 2013.


This source discusses Chopin’s writing and how it was inspired by the culture in Louisiana during the late 1800’s.


The author, Richard Adams, discusses how Chopin’s writing was affected by social influences in Louisiana during the late 1800’s. It goes into depth over her writing in The Awakening, and how it used the beliefs of Kate Chopin, and the ways in which in went against societal norms. It mentions the female sensuality which was not publicly accepted during this period. With Louisiana being extremely conservative, the mention of female sexuality was forbidden. Chopin showed this concept in not only The Awakening, but also in “The Storm”. It also discusses Chopin’s attitude towards Creoles in Louisiana as well. Chopin incorporates Creoles into her work partially because of her late husband, Oscar Chopin who was a creole. Chopin takes a step out of the norms of the deep south again, to discuss an interesting topic that defines Louisiana in the late 1800’s.


This source has some useful information that can contribute to the final synthesis paper. My overall theme has revolved around relating Chopin’s personal life as well as personal beliefs to her work as a whole. This has completed that task.


This source is a scholarly article in multiple ways. It was found in the America: life and history database through King Library, which is a credible way in which to find information. It is a published article which also gives it credibility.


This source was difficult to find. After looking over a lot of similar articles, I needed to have a more advanced search in order to find new information. The search for this search included the key words “Kate Chopin” and “Louisiana”, so I could find information on the societal norms of Louisiana during the time period in which Kate Chopin published her writings.



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