Annotated Bibliography 6

Location map of Louisiana, USA

Location map of Louisiana, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Souther Woman in The Fiction of Kate Chopin. Marie Fletcher.   Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association. Vol. 7, No. 2 (Spring, 1966), pp. 117-132. Published by: Louisiana Historical Association. Stable URL:

This article talks a lot about the time in which Kate Chopin was writing in Louisiana. It also gives a detailed biography on Kate Chopin’s life, and it gives feedback as to why Kate Chopin wrote the way she did, with relation to her social and moral views on society.

This article first repeats a lot of the ideas of previous articles in relation to Kate Chopin’s biography. But from the biography, we find out that Chopin went against the social values to the deep south from the ways in which she dressed and the fact that she smoke cigarettes. Showing that Chopin was not afraid to break the chains of society. It reiterates the problems Chopin dealt with after the negative responses from The Awakening as well, and how this only partially restricted her writing. The article also explains the women in Chopin’s writing. She was extremely interested in the “first blush of romantic passion”, which is seen in The Storm with Calixta (130). Chopin created beautiful women, all with children to satisfy her maternal instinct. The women would have some of the values as a “traditional lady”, but there would also be flaws that were to show independence. Overall, it notes that there was a point of honesty in Chopin’s writing that gave hold to the truths in society that would never come to surface.

This source identifies a lot of insight on the moral codes of the Deep South during the late 1800’s, when Chopin was in full swing with her writing. It has given a lot of information on not only Chopin’s life relating to her work but how Chopin’s moral views and thoughts were incorporated as well. These thoughts correspond to being immersed in the culture in Louisiana at that time.

This source was from a book, written on different aspects of the history of Louisiana. This source gave a lot of knowledge on the different aspects of Kate Chopin’s life and writing, having a well-rounded approach. It is definitely a scholarly source.

I found this in a different online database than previous sources. I went to the “American History and Life” database and researched Louisiana and Kate Chopin in the advanced search. It took me a while to find this source, but the information I found was extremely helpful and useful.


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