Research Blog 3- Jumping Over the Hurdles


During the research project, I found it difficult to find a lot of articles on Kate Chopin’s The Storm. The Storm was published after the death of Kate Chopin, and has not had as much of a reaction by the public as some of her other works such as The Awakening. Stories like The Awakening had more of an impact on her life than The Storm, because as an author, Chopin was not able to see the reaction to her story by the public. This was difficult because the majority of my research connects Chopin’s personal life to her writing in The Storm. Her personal life has played a role in her stories throughout the years, and finding the impact of the publishing of The Storm would have been a strong element to my research.

Knowing I had to find other ways to make up for this, I started by researching how other publishing’s of her short stories affected her writing. With negative feedback in The Awakening, Chopin cut back on going against the social norms of society. This is one of the reasons why Chopin did not publish The Storm in her lifetime. As much as Chopin tried to go against the grain of society, there is evidence that the view of her novel by society contributed to her overall writing.

Finding connections between Chopin’s personal life and her writing became difficult when searching through literary criticism. I came to realize that going through biographies of Kate Chopin gave more insight on these connections. The biographies really went through an in depth discussion over Chopin’s life away from writing, which brought out more connections.

Although some connections were found in the article themselves, a lot of connections between Chopin and her writing had to come from my own in depth analysis of the articles. Some biographies would point out parts of Chopin’s life that could relate to the characters in her writing, but it was up to me to realize the similarities on my own. This yielded a more in depth close reading of each article, forcing me to really think about Chopin’s life and The Storm.


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  1. When I first opened this blog, I was struck back by the picture at the top of the website. That is a great hook to get the reader into looking at your blog. The colors throughout the blog are pleasing and they all work well together. I would not change those because they are working to your advantage.
    I also really like your use of fonts because they are very professional and they make me take the writing seriously as a reader. If it had been some kind of goofy or clown-type font, I do not think I would have taken it as seriously. I also like it that you only have two types of fonts and not a different type for each entry.
    I really like your photos that you have chosen to include in the entries because it adds a nice separation from the actual writing. If the entire thing had been all writing, I think the blog would have been overwhelmed by words, making it unappealing to the reader. I think that each photo works well for the post it is associated with, so you did a good job with that!
    There are a few things I found that I would recommend changing. The blogs are not easy to find because they are not separated into categories. I would recommend splitting them into two groups, like bibliographies and blog posts, so it is easier to get to all of them at once. Also, I would give the titles of your posts more specific names that can be related to the content of the posting. This makes it easier to know what the reader will see in the coming lines. Overall, I thought your blog was good. These are just changes I personally think will make it better.

  2. You’re blog is very well thought out, organized, and engaging. The pictures and background really captured my attention and made me want to read your blog. Your bibliographies were thought out and I can tell just by quickly reading through them, that you are very prepared, organized, and put a lot of thought into the project thus far. However, I do think that you could change the title of the annotated bibliographies to something more creative and keep “annotated bibliography 1” as a subtitle for example. That could help the creativity of your blog and spark more interest in your readers. Also, by changing the font slightly could give your blog more visual appeal. You did a great job with colors but maybe changing the size of fonts or making more important words or points bold or underlined could be more pleasing to the eye. You did a great job with your blog and I really enjoyed reading it. With a little more variety in your titles and fonts, your blog could be even better!!

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