Annotated Bibliography 1


“Kate Chopin.” Feminist Writers. Ed. Pamela Kester-Shelton. Detroit: St. James Press, 1996. Literature Resource Center. Web. 1 Apr. 2013.

chopinThe next source came from The Feminist Writers. This source gives a brief background on Kate Chopin’s personal life. It talks about the struggles Chopin went through, as well as multiple connections between her personal life and her short stories.

This article relates Chopin’s personal life to her short stories very frequently. In the sources, I learned that Kate Chopin moved to Louisiana and spent most of her life there, explaining why most of her stories were set in Louisiana towns. The source also goes on to explain that after Kate Chopin’s husband passed away, she continued to run his business, showing her strength and perseverance that she portrays in multiple female characters throughout her stories. The author of the source also goes on to reveal a love affair that Chopin had with a married man after her own husband passed away. This is then related closely to The Storm where Calixta and Alcee have a heated love affair while their spouses are away.

The author of the source shows that Chopin’s personal past reflects throughout her writing, like in The Storm. An author’s work often reflects them as an individual, and in this case, Chopin’s writing reflects personal experiences as well. Calixta and Alcee were able to walk away from the love affair without negative consequences, revealing that Chopin did not believe she did anything wrong when she had a love affair with a married man.

This source once again reveals more about Chopin’s past and how it has reflected in her writing. It explains why Chopin writes in the way that she does, which is a helpful tool when understanding her writing. I believe this source is key to my research because is gives me more connections between Chopin’s past, and her writing. I will most likely use this in my synthesis paper because of the numerous connections it gives me between Chopin and her writing.

I found this article when researching biographies on Kate Chopin in the Literature Resource Center through King Library. This individual biography had not only connections on Chopin’s history to her writing, but specifically Chopin and The Storm.


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