Research Blog 2- Visualization


When creating my first blog, I want to make sure it represents myself. The visuals of the blog need to represent myself, as an individual,  but also

myself as a student.  It is important that my page is personalized because my writing always reflects myself as well. I also want my blog to catch the reader’s attention while they are scrolling through the page. Having great visual aspects to the blog really helps the reader enjoy the blog, and keep interested while reading. When writing a blog, the interests of the readers are one of the main concepts to take into consideration.

I have come up with some ideas for my blog thus far. Black and white photography is definitely an interesting concept to play with, but too much can push the reader away. images


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  1. This blog post is good aswell. It comes in handy that the pictures really go along with what the entry is saying. I like the thought of black and white pictures, but I can see how it can get boring. To not let just black and white pictures, I would throw in a colored picture every now and then. The title, just like the last, is quick and to the point. The reader knows exactly what each entry is, but something that would add “spice” to your blog would be having creative titles, that still belong with what is being said in the blog.

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